We at Happie treat our clients like family, and we are always looking to make our family grow. In our endeavour to do so, we have introduced the new open referral scheme. All you need to do is simply refer businesses that you feel may require our services. Then sit back and wait. It is as easy as that. Once the referred client purchases our services, 20% of their purchase will go to you!

Save £130 per client’s payroll by outsourcing

Here at Happie, we do everything we can to ensure you get the most out of our services. As a result, we now have a limited time promotion for our payroll services. It will only cost you £20 instead of £150 to outsource your payroll with us.

Rebate for recruitment agencies

If you are not satisfied with our service within 3 months, you can claim a rebate and you will be guaranteed a rebate of £2 per candidate timesheet. The rebate policy is like a safety net in case it doesn't work out for you and is there to protect you. 

First month free for PAYE

Why not join us today to get a first month for free? With our payroll bureau service, we can help you with outsourced paye, outsourced isle of man and paye for accountants. It will help you save time and money. What are you waiting for? This is a limited time deal only. You don’t want to miss this offer, sign up now and we won’t let you down. We will handle everything for you and you can just focus on your business.

20% off for every referral

If you are looking to use one of our Happie Group services and you see that you enjoy using our services, we can offer you 20% off your next payment that could save you a lot of money. Which means more money for you to invest in your business.

Additional 20% off our services

Did you know that now you can get an additional 20% off our services when you refer 10 or more clients? What are you waiting for? Start to refer others and save money for your business.  Rest assured, you and your referrals will receive exceptional customer service from Happie Group. This is a limited-time promotion and will end soon.

Vouchers and prizes

Here at Happie, we love giving things away to our clients and we want you to be part of it as well. Read on to find out how you can take part and win some amazing goodies and freebies. We are also giving out vouchers for our services. So do not miss out!

What do combined packages cover?

Like Happie’s usual packages, combined packages cover a vast array of services. Nothing left out, nothing changed. Just a bigger bundle and a smaller price tag to ensure all your needs are met and that you get the most out of our services. Our combined packages provide up to 100% off our usual prices.

20% off for every client referred

Every client that is referred to our company gets a whopping 20% off. With the money that they could save, they could use it to invest back in their business. You can save 20% if you were referred to us by someone else. Your friends or family may have tried our services and that’s why they would like to share the same service with you by referring you to us. 

First month admin fee free 

You can get your first month admin fee free of charge without paying anything. Using our umbrella service can help employees to unlock more income. Join us today to get your first-month admin fee off. This is a limited time deal only, don’t miss this offer. We have many years of experience and you can sit back and focus on your business.

Annual payments

Some monthly payments will have an added fee, however, if you pay upfront you’ll receive discounts and incentives. Ultimately, you pay less upfront than you would if you pay monthly.