Rebate to Recruitment Agencies

Are you hesitating to join us?

We will provide you with quality service, our passion is to help you succeed. If you are not satisfied with our service within 3 months, you can claim a rebate and you will be guaranteed a rebate of £2 per candidate timesheet. The rebate policy is like a safety net in case it doesn't work out for you and is there to protect you. This is a limited time deal, don’t miss this offer. Why not join us today? We will handle everything for you and you can just focus on your business.


Benefits from this promotion

Boost company sales and visibility

The rebate policy can help boost company sales and visibility as it is used to encourage customers to use our service knowing that they have the rebate policy as a safety net.

Guaranteed rebate

Customers are guaranteed a rebate if it doesn't work out right for them within 3 months.

Limited time promotion

This is a limited time promotion, so hurry don't miss this offer. Fill out the form below to sign up.

Clients try products/services

With the rebate policy, the client/ customers can try out our products/services. If they don't like our products or services, they are covered by the rebate policy.

Increase company leverage

The rebate policy helps to increase the company leverage as it attracts people to use our services. Since people are trying out services it would help the company manage financially so it would be able to pay assets.

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