Free Month For Happie Group Payroll
Here at Happie Group, we are not just passionate about payroll but smiling from ear to ear about it.

If you get in touch with us, just use the promo code "SUMMER22" and we'll do you first month of payroll, completely free.

We know how daunting it can be signing up to a new service, and payroll is no different. We're well aware that good payroll is the backbone of a company, which is why we want to offer you a free month of our services. Let us show you just how good at payroll we are.

    Stress Free

    We manage all aspects of your payroll to eliminate all stress from you, and allow you to do your job to the full extent of your abilities.

    Compliance Guarantee

    We keep track of all legislation changes, ensuring that all payroll is compliant and avoids giving you costly fines.

    Dedicated Team

    We make sure that all payroll is complete to the best of our ability, but if any issues do arise our team will be available to assist whenever you need it.

    South Quay Building
    London, E14 9SH, United Kingdom

    Based in Canary Wharf

    Part of London's central business district.

    What We Offer You



    We offer expertly accurate and correct payroll, ensuring that you won't even have to worry about any fines. We're sure to have you payroll completed to an extremely high standard.


    All of our payroll is guaranteed to happen on time, every time. If there's ever any issues, we'll solve them the moment they come up to ensure you're receiving your payroll when you should be.

    Personalised Service

    All Happie Payroll is bespoke and personalised. We don't have one cut-and-paste solution that we use for all customers; we take a look at your business and give you exactly the service that you need to be successful.

    What are you waiting for?