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What can Happie Group do for you?

As a company you have to pay your staff on time and accurately. Traditionally this is always carried out through the PAYE system, making sure that the tax is taken care of and that National Insurance is paid. However when you have temporary workers in your business this is not always the best way to pay them.

Umbrella is a way that you as a business can help temporary staff unlock more of their income, along with claiming expenses as part of their travel and food needs. Through legislation that HMRC created these can then unlock more income for your workers, effectively meaning they can increase take home pay.

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What can Happie Group do for me as a business?

If you are a business who is paying temporary workers, with a high turnover of staff, and a large amount of paperwork to deal with, then we are your solution. Happie Group has been handling this payroll system for many years, and our experience in this area we will show you how to make your operations more efficient. Our team process, pay, record and handle queries from all of your temporary staff, whilst maintaining HMRC compliance.

We are able to facilitate the expansion of your business with respect to payroll, allowing you to focus on growing your enterprise.

What can Happie Group do for me as a worker?


If you are a contractor or temporary worker then you will have come across umbrella payroll at some point, and with so many companies to choose from you will have had a lot of choices.

Simply put – we become your personal payroll department, paying you, chasing companies that don’t pay, dealing with your expenses and the all-important taxman. Along with our insurance covering you, you benefit from us taking care of you in the workplace.

Our staff will manage all of your payments from the company or companies that you work for, which means more of our services are transferable, so even if you move companies we can still ensure that your payments reach you.

Experience a hassle-free payday with no delay in payments or misplaced expenses claims. What’s more, umbrella is a payment method where your money can work harder for you, all within HMRC legislation.

Why Choose Happie Group to look after my payroll?

 At a time where savings for your business is important and keeping on top of legislation can become a daily challenge, choosing a payroll company to manage your clients’ payroll allows you to spend more time growing your business, than worrying about the payroll.

Our team provides you with a reliable, accurate and professional service, explained simply so that you get the benefits from day one. Benefit from peace of mind and transparent paperwork.

Interested in an Umbrella Service?

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