Payroll Operations Manager

Job Description:
Operation Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of Happie Group.

You must deliver to increasing the overall efficiency of the business operations and by extension
production and quality deliverables, you must manage daily employee performance and business
operations. You are required to oversee standard operating procedures and policies, in support of short
and long term strategy aligned to company brand/mission/vision and Objectives. You are required to have
a comprehensive understanding of sales and supporting administrative processes, with a willingness to
learn where there are knowledge gaps. To ensure organisation is running as efficiently as possible.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:
Business Operations and Employee Performance Management
-Ensure meetings, reports and daily-plans are being adhered to strictly by all managers.
۔ CRM Workload Monitoring
۔ Flash Meetings
۔ Reporting Packs
۔ Staff 1-to-1’s
۔ Time & Motion Monitoring
۔ Pace-set
۔ Employee onboarding
۔ Absence Management
۔ Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
۔ Software and product licenses
۔ Building Management
۔ Health & Safety / DSE Assessments

Business Development, Sales and Customer Services
• Sales process are adhered to and dedicated time is spent selling or delivering
• Support and mentor managers to provide excellent customer service and timely accurate
administrative processes.
• Must ensure clients are satisfied with the corresponding/applicable company at all times and will
bring in repeated business and referrals.
• Strong customer service ethos. Diplomatic with swift problem solving and conflict resolution
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• Ensure companies carry out accurately and completely; data entry & document uploads as per
operational and licensing compliance, with soft & hard copy systematic filing.
• Quality assurance to enhance client service in dealing with customer queries & grievances whilst
protecting the name and interests of the business with relation to the products and services
Human Resource & Administration
• Ensure all job descriptions, contracts, appraisals 1-to-1’s and performance management is up-todate.
• Understand in detail function of each business unit and teams then update where needed.
• Absence management system kept up to date and accurate for all divisions to review with
department heads.
• Return to work meetings with staff and manager.
• New and ending employee license management (Setup and closure)
• Employee relations and engagement with clients, candidates and colleagues.
• Assist management in achieving HR performance standards & corporate strategy.
• Tracking the Kickstart Scheme and weekly payments
• There should be 40 hours of work in diaries
• Creating Contracts for new employees
• Internal Recruitment using CV search and Job Advertising and then screening and interviewing
• Chasing references for new employees
• IT & Reporting
• Oversee accuracy of company manager’s reports and trackers to accurately reflect financial status
and target attainment.
• Understand use of current CRM, Database and IT systems of all three business units and ensure
optimized operating procedures and accurate complete data entry.
• Office/Building management and or moves/sourcing new sites.
• Ensure all IT, communications, and CRM (software, equipment, licenses & agreements) are setup to optimal standards in support of operations.

• Able to multitask on a broad variety of projects
• Analytical and Effective planner, and forward thinking strategist
• Able to exercise effective judgment, sensitivity, creativity to changing needs and situations
• Strong negotiation skills with cost conscious approach
• Understands customer needs
• Ability to manage and develop employee coach, counsel, plan, delegate, train, direct, mentor,
evaluate, and discipline.
• Effective communication skills

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