Questions You Should Ask when Outsourcing PAYE

Business owners should ask important questions before outsourcing their PAYE. The sole purpose of outsourcing your payroll is to save time so it’s imperative that you ask the right questions beforehand. So here is a list of questions that all business owners should ask which allow payroll companies to cater to your company.

Do I have the budget to outsource PAYE?

When the time comes for you to outsource your PAYE, you need to work out whether it makes sense for your business. Can you afford regular ongoing costs right now? You need to have a budget allocated to maintain the service. All businesses should have funds allocated for these services if they need them.

What Requirements do I need to outsource PAYE?

Every company has its own specific requirements, so you need to review the size of the company and think about how much the company will grow. A realistic mind-set is important, for example, how many employees you truly believe you will take on in the future. A few of the requirements you need to look into help you work out which payroll solution is best for your business. It’s vital that having a payroll service is prepared for your company to grow.

How will my PAYE be affected when my Business Grows?

If everything goes to plan your business will grow. Therefore having a payroll service that can cope with growth and an increase in employees is essential. For example, Happie Group can take on more than a thousand employees.

How we can help?

At Happie Group we can provide the best payroll services for our clients. If your company is thinking of outsourcing its payroll but is unsure we at Happie Group can answer all your questions. Contact us by email at or telephone: 0207 537 6631