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How Will The National Insurance Increase Affect You?

If you’ve worked in the UK, you’ve encountered national insurance. National insurance is paid by all employees, employers and those who are self-employed. Employees pay it on their wages, employers pay extra contributions for their staff and the self-employed pay it on their profits. Recently, changes have been announced that will alter national insurance paid […]

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Tips to perfect your performance at work

Tips to perfect your performance at work What does your performance at work mean? Work performance is how effectively and efficiently an individual performs their assigned task by using all the essential technical and non-technical traits. It is important as an employee to ensure your performance at work is always to the best of your […]

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Why Umbrella Service is ideal for temporary workers?

For businesses that take on temporary employees, an umbrella service is designed to help both the employer and employee. This service includes processing pay and maximising benefits. Read on to find out what this service is about. What is Umbrella service? First and foremost, it is a type of payroll service for businesses that take […]

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