Why PAYE Maxi can keep your employees happy

PAYE Maxi can benefit employees in certain ways. With PAYE Maxi, employees could claim back their expenses such as lunch and travel. Low paid workers or temporary workers would have full access to the umbrella benefits. Read more about PAYE Maxi here.

Who needs PAYE MAXI?

There are certain workers who can be benefitted from the PAYE Maxi service such as construction, healthcare workers and low paid or temporary workers. If you are a contractor or temporary worker it means you won’t be paid by the PAYE scheme.

Benefits of Using PAYE Maxi

These are the 6 benefits of PAYE Maxi:

  • Unlock more income: You could get more income by claiming back your expenses such as lunch and travel.
  • Accurate and on-time payments: When it comes to payday you are guaranteed to be paid on time, same with claims for expenses.
  • Full-time employment rights: Happie’s Group employees could be working from home while having access to full employment rights. Full employment rights include Sick pay, Holiday pay, Maternity/Paternity pay and much more benefits.
  • Versatile: You can remain on your employment status while having many different activities to deal with since you are using Happie Group and our services.
  • Alternative to Umbrella: People that were paid on or near the national minimum wage, won’t be able to access the umbrella payroll. They could use PAYE Maxi since it’s an alternative to Umbrella.
  • Based in the UK:  Happie Group is incorporated in the UK.  We have banking arrangements registered as an employer with HMRC.

The employees would be satisfied with these benefits. They can enjoy benefits such as claiming expenses, on-time payments, full-time employment rights and other benefits. Once employees are happy with the PAYE Maxi benefits, they would feel more motivated to work, their performance would increase which means they get the job done on time.

What we do as a payroll company

At Happie Group, we are saving for your business which is important and keeping on top of legislation can become a daily challenge. When choosing a payroll company to manage your clients’ payroll lets you spend more time growing your business, than worrying about the payroll. At Happie Group our team provides you with a reliable and professional service, explained simply so that you get the benefits from day one. Benefit from peace of mind and transparent paperwork. Speak to us today on 0207 537 6631 or leave us an email at info@happiegroup.com and we can give you the right advice that is suitable for you!