Why Use Umbrella Solutions?

Why Should Recruitment Agencies Use Umbrella Solutions?
Umbrella companies  are a company increasingly more popular, and your business may be able to benefit from the large amounts of perks available. But how do you know the services are right for your candidates? Whether you are looking for your first umbrella payroll company or if you are looking for a new one, it is essential for recruitment agencies to be in touch with an umbrella payroll company for your temporary/contracted candidates. Using Umbrella solutions are very simple and elegant.

About Our Umbrella Services

Here at Happie Group, we recognise that a partnership between your recruitment agency and us, will not only benefit us but also benefit your candidates.For example:
  • Deal with the payslips once the timesheets are fully completed
  • We input correctly the time from the timesheet along with the pay rate
  • We will deduct National Insurance and taxes for your candidate, everything will be shown in their payslip

Employee benefits for Umbrella Solutions

When working with an umbrella company you will fall under the employee category are given and thus given the benefits of being an employee and the freedoms of working with a recruitment agency, giving you the best of both worlds. one feature of this is that your wages will be paid through umbrella services.

The simplicity of using an Umbrella Solutions

Umbrella companies aim to make your business as easy to manage as possible. When you join, there’s no daily admin to agonize over. You can simply submit your timesheet each week and we’ll take care of the rest.Payslip will show a breakdown of the money you have earned and any deductions are taken for tax. All of the deductions will be clearly displayed on your statement, and likely will not differ greatly from month to month. Your wages will then be paid into your bank account. Knowing when and how much you are going to be paid is incredibly simple. This is the perfect option for busy contractors with little time to spare each day.

Claiming business expenses

As an umbrella employee, you can claim back expenses for travel, tools, and equipment. Happie Group will manage this on your behalf. Which means you can enjoy more of your hard-earned money at the end of each month.Claiming back your expenses is easy; you will just need to log them in and we’ll do the rest.

The flexibility of work

For those businesses new to contracting, joining an umbrella company is ideal to have a low-risk approach. Especially if you aren’t sure if contracting will work for you. This is because there are no financial demands from running your own limited company. There is little to no paperwork involved.Umbrella companies are ideal if you are looking to test the waters and want to know whether contracting will work for you. There are no financial demands from running your own limited company and there is little to no paperwork involved. This is also an ideal solution if you are working shorter contracts or are in between permanent work.In addition, choosing to operate under an umbrella brings a lot of freedom. This means that you could review your business and opt to switch to a limited company with ease.If you are a recruitment agency and would like to find out more about payroll services, speak to us today on 0207 537 6631 or leave us an email at info@happiegroup.com.