Why are employer assistance programs beneficial

When it comes to work, an employee’s mental health and well-being matters. A program was created to tackle this issue called employer assistance program. This blog would be discussing why these programmes are beneficial.

What is an employer assistance program?

Employer assistance programmes are designed to resolve employee personal issues which might affect their performance at work. These programmes are free of charge to employees. Services are often delivered via phone, video-based counselling, online chatting, and e-mail interactions or face-to-face. All employees are entitled to use this employer assistance program if they need it.

Employee assistance program benefits

Reduce employees absence

The key focus of every company should be the employee’s well-being. Employees won’t want to come to work if they feel they are not valued. To ensure employees don’t skip work, organisations can form an employee assistance program where employees can go to if they have any issues. This will solve any employee’s issues and help to maintain their well-being.

Increased productivity

Personal issues could affect the employee’s motivation at work and this will lead to less productivity. To prevent this from happening the company can install the employer assistance programme. This can tackle any of the employee’s issues that they have. As a result, by solving their problems this will mean productivity will be increased.

Reduce turnover

Employees would feel more supported and valued with the EAPs because they would feel less stressed by talking to someone about their problems. Since they feel more valued it would boost their motivation to work. This makes the job easier for both employers and employees. As a result, resulting in reduced turnovers as employees feel valued that the organization is taking the essential steps to deal with the problems.


Employees may resign from the position because they don’t feel valued or have access to resources. The process of recruiting new employees can be time consuming and costly especially when you are looking to hire someone for a management or executive role. With the help of EAP, employee’s problems would be under control.

Examples of employee assistance programs

Counselling- Counselling is one of the examples used in the employee assistance program to help manage employee’s wellbeing and mental health. There are different types of counselling such as face to face, telephone and live chat or email and many others. Offering counselling to employees is an effective way of keeping employees happy, committed, and reliable in the workplace, even if they are experiencing personal stresses or issues.

Gym memberships- Keeping active is important as this can help our minds and body become more happy and healthy. It can help relieve stress, employees with strong immune are less likely to be absent.

Workshops- workshops is a great way to tackle stress, work life and personal issues. Also can increase confidence. From time to time the company could hold workshops which is focused on a certain area such as selling cakes for charity.

Why employee assistance programs

Accessibility- These programmes can be accessed online for convenience or face to face if you wish to.

Availability- The programmes are available to employees 24/7 and their family members. They can speak to professionals using any platforms anytime and anywhere.

Confidential- This is a main factor of the program which is keeping your information confidential. You don’t have to worry about your detail passed on to others.

Secure- This program ensures that everyone’s data remains anonymous and secure. This will lead to more people (employees) would want to use the program if they need to.


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