Decreased pay for employees when they are working from home

Working remotely is something that has become a big deal in the past year. With the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge increase in work from home. But, as the pandemic begins to come to a close, there is a phased return to work. Many employers are wondering how this could affect their businesses and if it can increase redundancy. Here is how Google and Google workers can change the post-pandemic landscape.

Working from home – how it changed.

Of course, working from home is something that has only become popular during the height of the coronavirus. Many workers found themselves beginning this new form of work, using programs such as Zoom to ‘commute’ to work. Though, the lockdown is quickly coming to an end. Many restrictions previously put into place have begun to lift. As these workers begin a phased return to work, the number of people working from their homes decreases significantly, similarly, redundancy increases.

But, many people are wondering if they can work from home permanently. If their job can be done from home to the same standard that it was done within the office, why would a worker not opt to do their work from the comfort of their own home? Well, there’s a reason why you might not want to work from home permanently – something Google has put into place.
Google workers may cause changes to redundancy.

How things are changing for Google workers

Recently, Google has begun to begin bringing its workers back into the office. Many google workers are returning to the office, but many more are deciding to continue their work from home. Though, these workers who permanently work from their homes might find their pay being cut.

A spokesperson for Google said, “Our compensation packages have always been determined by location, and we always pay at the top of the local market based on where an employee works from.” Google has said that it will not change workers’ pay if they work remotely from the same city, but will alter it based on where they previously commuted.

This change from Google presents an interesting view on beginning to come back into the office. Many companies may have to lay off workers due to this change, showing an increase in redundancy. But, if workers were kept working at home but paid less, like google workers, this could prevent this change in redundancy as a whole.

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